Choosing the right High-Quality Restoration for your Practice.


As we all know, dental implants have become a more popular and permanent solution in dental restoration cases. Far too often, we see poor abutment and crown designs that lead to compromised results and unhappy patients. That’s why choosing Keating Dental Lab Custom Abutments as the foundation for the implant process, will increase the overall aesthetic and durability of the abutment when paired with one of our monolithic restorations.

The type and shape of the abutment and crown are critical in achieving longevity and success with the aesthetic and functional results you expect. With the custom abutment, we can design the axial walls with anything from 1 to 6 degrees of taper so we can create a beautiful accurate fitting restoration on top. This allows more control and a cleaner execution when the placement is less than perfect due to bone density or other determining factors.

All you have to do is capture the position of the implant and the shape of the surrounding gum tissue by taking an impression, analog or digital, and from there we will handle the rest!

On Episode #156 of our Dental Up Podcast featuring our very own General Manager, Bob Brandon; CAD/ CAM Manager, Dean Tassey; and Implant Manager, Steve Tapie. They discuss the top tips and techniques for fabricating high-quality restorations! 


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