Halloween Treats for a Healthy Mouth

Halloween Treats for a Healthy Mouth

Halloween isn’t a very tooth-friendly holiday with the various sugar-coma inducing gummy candy, but that doesn’t mean you have to totally avoid it. When working with patients with braces or other orthodontics, it’s important to educate them on the food do’s and don’ts

But when Halloween and the holiday season coming up, we know they’ll be around a lot of temptation. To help your patients avoid a broken bracket — or something worse — here’s a list of halloween treats for a healthy mouth.

4 Health-Friendly Halloween Treats

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate has been well-documented as a “healthier” chocolate for its antioxidants and inflammation-reducing qualities. Plain bars are suitable for those with orthodontics, and it can easily be dressed up with nuts or dried fruit or coconut for a fun twist.

You can hand out individually wrapped squares, or make chocolate covered pretzels, or dark chocolate bark with hazelnuts for a Nutella-like twist.

Annie’s Fruit Snacks
Fruit snacks aren’t always a healthier option, but if you choose a high quality organic brand, there will be fewer chemicals. Also, Annie’s is not as chewy as some brands, so it won’t stick to your patients’ teeth. It comes in individual packets, perfect for school parties or handing out to neighborhood children.

Chocolate Dipped Clementines
Okay, we aren’t finished with the chocolate, because orange and chocolate is a delightful combination. This is a great healthier option for a Halloween party treat, and it’s quick to make, too. You’ll just need clementines, dark chocolate, and some sea salt.

If you’re looking for a good office treat for your staff, this is it. Yes, it’s sweet, but it’s mostly naturally-occurring from the clementine and everything in moderation, right?

Layered Pumpkin Pudding
Pumpkin pudding may not be a great option for passing out at the door, but it’s perfect for parties. Especially in individual cups for a quick grab at the dessert table. This made-from-scratch pumpkin pudding is easy on the braces and made with natural pumpkin puree, and only takes a half hour to make.

Pumpkin spice lattes taste great, but they’re also filled with sugar which can affect your entire body, mouth included. So why not go for some pumpkin pudding instead? It’s just as decadent but without the chemicals and almost half the sugar.

Halloween can be both healthy and fun, we promise. With these four options, you can help your patients have a great Halloween while still caring for their mouth. And of course, these may be healthier, but brushing and flossing is always encouraged. You already knew that, though.

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