Product Spotlight: Nobel Biocare® System For Dental Implants

The Nobel Biocare® implant system provides high quality dental implants in conjunction with our esthetic dental restorations. Built to withstand wear while providing a lifelike result, these products will help you offer the best in dental implants to your patients.

From case planning to final procedure, Nobel Biocare® will help you achieve high quality results every time.

Nobel Biocare® Implant Treatments

We’ve partnered with Nobel Biocare® to develop implant and cement-free systems to improve your patients’ experience. These implant systems enhance case planning, as well as the surgery itself.

With screw-retained crowns, you can eliminate the risk of subgingival cementation, decreasing the risk of implant failure while offering lifelike results.

The angulated screw channel abutments brings screw-trained access into the anterior with NobelProcra ASC abutments. This means there is up to a 25 degree access from the implant trajectory.

With an All-On-4® fixed removable, Nobel’s system provides full-arch or partial restorations. This offers a result superior to removables.

Custom over denture bars from Nobel Biocare® are available to improve function and esthetics for full-mouth restorations.

And lastly, the NobelGuide helps remove the risk of implant placement by perfectly transferring your case planning to the operatory. This guided surgery from Nobel Biocare® will be your new favorite tool during dental implant procedures.

Advantages of Using the Nobel Biocare® System

We have chosen the Nobel Biocare® system because of their superior quality and innovative implant treatment. Every Nobel Biocare® product is protected by their limited warranty, and are customized by our seasoned implant technicians.

This combination provides you with a superior treatment over partials, offering your patients better oral health. Their lifetime durability is due to Grade 5 titanium or medical grade zirconia that is fabricated in a FDA 501(k) facility.

It is critical to provide patients with high quality dental restorations for optimal oral health. Nobel Biocare’s® solution paired with our aesthetic line of restorations ensures a solution that both you and your patient will love.

For more information, give us a call at (800) 433-9833.

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