The Dentists’ Guide To Getting Reinspired

Dentists are known as a group of passionate, skilled professionals, but even they at times need some help getting reinspired. There are moments, regardless of your love for the job, where you will wonder what you’re doing and if you’re having an effect on patients. We get it!

When you have your head down moving from patient to patient, it’s hard to get a full picture of what’s happening and how you’re helping.

So this is the dentists’ guide to getting reinspired.

3 Tips to Get Reinspired

1. Take Some Time Away

Dentistry is an unforgiving industry, and we’re pretty sure you’re working far more than you should be. This is especially true if you’re in the first few years of a new practice. So we’re recommending something a little radical.

Take time away. Disconnect from the world.

You may not be able to go to a remote island (if you can, by all means), but begin by turning off your phone and getting into nature for a weekend with family. As for emergency calls, try setting up a schedule with another practice, so you can each truly disconnect.

It doesn’t need to be long, although that can help. Most importantly, though, is that you try to forget about work and procedures for a short time so you can come back refreshed and reinspired.

2. Connect with New Dentists

New dentists, whether fresh from dental school or a new acquaintance, can help you get reinspired in your own practice.

This could mean mentoring at your alma mater, where you can work with students who are excited to enter into practice. Their naivety is both humorous and endearing, and can give you the charge you need to keep going.

Networking tends to have a dirty connotation, but building relationships with other dentists is critical to your success. Not only will you have the chance to discuss challenging cases and latest products, but you can also build a community of dentists of all ages.

3. Consider a Larger Change

Practicing dentistry isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. From private practice to corporate dentistry, there are an array of ways to help others with your skillset. For you, getting reinspired may just mean starting your own practice, or beginning a partnership with another dentist.

There’s another option. There’s an extensive need for volunteer dental work across the world, and taking a few weeks to serve in those areas could be just what you need to get that spark back. There are even ways in your own community to give back with your skills.

Considering a larger change like how and where you practice is definitely a commitment to something larger, but it could be one of the greatest opportunities you will have!

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Last tip: remember why you became a dentist

Whether you’ve been practicing for twenty years or are in your first job out of dental school, it’s important to remember why you became a dentist and to know when you need a change. Getting reinspired in dentistry doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Instead, it’s looking for what may be missing and finding how to get it back.

How will you get reinspired?

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