The Difference Between Standard and Premium Dentures

The Difference Between Standard and Premium Dentures

At Keating Dental Lab, we’ve created a denture line that can serve every patient. Our Standard dentures are at a lower price point, but still offer a high quality option for your patients. For those that are looking for a product with outstanding aesthetics, our Premium or Ultra-Premium models can help them look and feel their best.

Standard Denture Features

Our Standard dentures offer a quality product to your patients, but without the premium price. These dentures are made by cold-curing and injecting Ivoclar Pro-Base acrylic. This ensures that they are durable enough to last, as well as offering the best functionality and aesthetics possible.

When you purchase a standard denture kit from Keating Dental Lab, the price includes the bite block, setup, economy plastic teeth, first try-in and finish, and engraving your patient’s name. This is one price, so there won’t be any surprises with these services.

Premium Denture Features

Our Premium dentures offer your patients an unparalleled, high quality product from setup to final adjustments. These dentures feature Ivoclar’s BlueLine and Ivocap Acrylic Processing. While the quality is at a premium, the price is not. Our priority is fitting your patients with the best denture for them at an affordable price point.

Ivoclar’s products help ensure an accurate and secure fit. Their BlueLine teeth feature dentin and incisal layers, which mimic natural dentition better than typical acrylic denture teeth. Just like with our Standard Dentures, each kit includes a bite block, setup, Ivocap finish and BlueLine teeth, first try-in and finish, and engraving your patients name.

Ultra-Premium Dentures

Our Ultra-Premium dentures are fabricated to the most exacting standards in the industry, and are created by our talented removables technicians. This team ensures that the Ivocap injected acrylic bases are enhanced with characterized colored acrylics. With this addition, you can add a unique and personal touch to the full denture case.

The IvoBase injection system ensures that there is consistent polymerization, minimal shrinkage, and is tinted to match your patient’s gingiva. All Ultra-Premium dentures use Ivoclar Vivadent SR Phonares II teeth, which are offered in all 16 A-D and BL shades.

These features mean you can create a stellar match to your patient’s natural aesthetics for a beautiful result. Each kit comes with the bite block, setup, Ivocap finish, custom base tinting, first try-in and finish, and the option patient name engraving.

When your patients need dentures, it’s critical to offer them a high-quality result that will fit their budget. Whether they want the Standard denture or our Ultra-Premium model, we ensure every denture case is completed to our high expectations for fit, durability, and aesthetics. Click here to learn more about our removables.

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