Why We Use Ivoclar Vivadent And Ivocap For Our Dentures


Denture fit is critical for your patient’s oral health, which is why we use Ivoclar products. In order to provide the highest quality dentures possible, we use Ivoclar’s base material for our StandardPremium and Ultra Premium dentures, though only our Premium and Ultra Premium dentures feature the Ivocap injection system.

This product helps us achieve a unique and personal touch for each case, and offers optimal esthetics.

Ivoclar Vivadent | Using Ivocap Injection Technology


Ivoclar has created a system that compensates for shrinkage while processing the denture base. This Ivocap injection technology is now considered the state-of-the-art system in denture processing, and we’re thrilled with the results.

With the Ivocap injection technology, we can create a denture that provides superior fit, density, strength, and esthetics while ensuring your patient has optimal oral health. With this revolutionary system, your patients can avoid loose dentures and odor-causing bacteria.

Why Ivoclar Is Our Preferred Material


When we use Ivoclar with the Ivocap system, we can ensure your patient will receive a superior finished product that will last longer than other dentures. This denture base material is used in all three of our denture products.

  • Ivocap provides the following benefits:
  • Superior fit which reduces the need for adhesives.
  • The nonporous surface greatly reduces odor-causing plaque and bacteria.
  • Reduced change of breakage with improved strength.
  • Natural looking shades improve esthetics, helping your patients feel more confident.
  • Accurate fit to help prevent denture stomatitis.

Offering Maximum Esthetics for Patients


When you purchase our Premium and Ultra-Premium dentures, you’ll not only receive the Ivoclar base made with Ivoclar Vivadent’s Ivocap technology, but the price also includes:

  • Bite block
  • Setup
  • Ivocap finish
  • First try-in and finish
  • Patient name engraving (optional)


Our Premium dentures feature Ivoclar BlueLine teeth, and our Ultra-Premium feature custom base tinting and Ivoclar SR Phonares II teeth.

Ivoclar Vivadent has created an outstanding product, and we’re proud to use it in our California-based dental lab. The best materials make the best products, which is why we also use their Ivocap technology. When paired together, you’ll receive a superior product for your patients. For more information or to request a new doctor kit, contact us today.

There is a reason Keating Dental Lab is considered the best dental lab in the USA, some come try the Keating Difference today, you will not be disappointed!

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