All Ceramic Layered Crown And Bridges (Clinical Breakdown)

All Ceramic Layered Crown And Bridges


When I think about when I would use a KDZ Ultra and that’s a zirconia core or coping overlay with powder liquid ceramic. I think about when I would use those one is anterior bridges that are greater than 3 units. We certainly can’t use lithium disilicate or even our high translucency zirconia. When I do anterior bridges, I like to use the Ultra. I will eliminate metal almost completely in my practice. When we look at zirconia basically that’s a substitute for metal. Let’s say I have six unit bridge from tooth number 6 to tooth number 11. I need a strong core but I want it to look good, it’s part of the aesthetics zone. I will use the zirconia in the Ultra as my core. We did a cross section let’s say the central. That would the cross section. This would be the connector to the next central. I want the strength of the zirconia so let’s say this would be the core on a full coverage crown. Then I want to overlay with a beautiful layered material to optimize aesthetics.

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