Artistry and Creativity at KDA

Artistry and Creativity at KDA


November 2,  2015 –  If you didn’t know what a dental laboratory was before walking into one, you may think its something out of  Mel Brooks, “Young Frankenstein”!  For me, being a fan of cheesy comedies, this would have been an easy perception to have.  This was quickly redirected after walking into the elegant lab at Keating Dental Lab where I found it was more like “Peter Pan” accompanied by “The hills are alive with the sound of music” playing in the background.

Da Vinci VS. Van Gogh!

Just like painter, sculptors and architects, lab technicians and ceramists are highly creative and artistic people that bring more then just a skill set to the dental lab.   If you think painting is hard, imagine painting a tiny gem or jewel for hours on end and not losing focus?  I personally may be up for the “ceramic challenge”, but most likely would not be able to do it for days and weeks on end.  The immense amount of focus that ties together the creativity, imagination and artistry of these expert ceramists is impeccable!

Consciousness Guru’s? 

Lab Technicians are also solutions experts—they have much more experience than dentists on the indications and contraindications of materials. If you are looking for “clinical clarity”, they can advise the dentists on long-term durability as well as the options for esthetic success & can leverage the knowledge they gained from working extensively with a wide array of materials and a large client base.  Still think you’re up for the challenge?  Thinking I will stick with Pepsi for now!

The End result…

Imagination Via Technology

The Keating Dental Zirconia (KDZ) line—designed specifically for customers—meets the demand for a high strength, esthetic, natural life-like crown and bridge all-ceramic material.  Coupled with the best expert ceramists in the industry and thousands of years worth of experience and raw talent, the artists at Keating Dental Lab make it “NOT SO BAD” to have a zirconia restoration in your mouth.  For anyone looking to partner with this outstanding team of techs/ceramists…you should know they also incorporate the latest software and CAD/CAM solutions in the industry to process these units in 3 days or less in its laboratory.

Creating Smiles Every Day®

As I finished up the tour and filming of the lab I got to reflect on meeting some of the most amazing people with a remarkable sense of creativity and raw talent.  It really was something else.   It brings a grin to my face as well when I wake up and see my bright white B1 e.max veneers and get to reflect on the talented cast and crew who designed and created them topped with a deep admiration for the artistry “behind the scenes” of my own personal confident smile.   Leaving Keating Dental Lab feeling like the “Million Dollar Man”.  -Timothy Patrick (DP/Creative Director)

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