Digital Dental Photography Tutorial Series |8 Videos|

Digital Dental Photography Tutorial Series |8 Videos|









Digital Dental Photography |8 Video Series|
Featuring: Dr. David Hornbrook DDS, FAACD, FACE

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In this latest video tutorial series Dr. David Hornbrook shows you how to improve your clinical techniques and dental care for your patients using the latest in digital photography. When you implement digital photography you transfer that communication to the laboratory and have a greater chance of you getting an excellent result every time. Learn how to communicate at an optimal level with your dental lab and partners by using shade tabs, appropriate white balance and simple lighting techniques that will enhance and increase your practice exponentially.

The topics below are all covered in this tutorial provided by Keating Dental Lab in Irvine California and Dr. David Hornbrook, DDS on the latest in digital dental photography:

Video 1-4

•Camera Selection (Specialty Dental Camera Shops)

•Macro Lenses

-Flash Selection (Double Point) & (Ring Flash)


-Camera Settings:

-F Stop/Aperture for Dental Photos

-Shutter Speed

-Depth of Field

-Sensor Sizes for Dental Photography

-Shooting with Shade Tabs

-Shooting your subject:

-Subject Positioning

-Full Face

-Profile shot

Topics Covered in Video 4-8

•Image Size

•image magnification

•lense magnification

•1:2 magnification dental macro lense settings

•1:1 magnification

•How to generally shoot good dental photography

•Good Dental Photography (no brainer) options

•Shutter Speed overview

•Shutter Speed options

•Shutter Speed Settings

•F/Stop overview

•F Stop Settings and Numbers

•F/Stop and Shutter Locations

•Why use F/Stop

•Why use Shutter

•Image Size

•Menu/Image Quality/Set

•Setting image size in digital dental camera

•Setting Manual Mode

•Setting Aperture Priority

•ISO Settings

•ISO overview

•What is ISO

•Change ISO

•how to set ISO

•Focus options

•Focal length options

•Using Manual Focus

•How to Focus Dental Photography

Dr. David Hornbrook (Clinical Director of Education and Technology) @KeatingDentalLab does a 4K Ultra HD Video Tutorial on the Digital Camera used for intraoral and extra oral Dental photography.

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