Full Service Digital Dental Lab Tour (Irvine, Ca) |4K ULTRA HD|

keating lab video


Learn More about Keating Dental Lab™ (state of the art dental lab facility) in Irvine California:

This Ultra HD 4K Video was filmed as a virtual walkthrough/tour of the Keating Dental Lab facility and dental laboratory in Irvine California.  Founder, Shaun Keating CDT, walks you thorugh from the front door filmed with a Phantom Drone, all the way out the back door of the dental lab in the shipping department.  See the amazing dental tech artists shape and mold zirconia crowns, dental implants and multiple emax products thorughout the lab.  Follow us all the way to the milling and get a good look at the new digital devices and products used to mill and design the dental products for 2015-2016 .

As a national dental lab, we are committed to providing not only a range of high quality products, but exemplary service as well. Our highly experienced team of dental technicians is second to none in their attention to detail, artistic and exceptional, custom work.

From veneers to crown restorations, your patients will love their restorations due to their quality and esthetics. Some of our products include porcelain veneers, full-cast gold crowns and life-like zirconia / all ceramic restorations. Keating Dental Lab offers veneers which are hand-layered porcelain on platinum foil as well as porcelain fused to metal and zirconia prosthesis.

All of our master and certified dental technicians deliver what doctors expect from the leading full service laboratory. Whether it is an all-ceramic veneer or a full crown restoration, it all comes together with aesthetics, contour, and fit. Experience the professionalism of our staff and the promptness of our delivery schedule. KDA is nationally known as one the best laboratories in comparison to other large and local labs offering “partnerships” with our clients opposed to just sales and shipping items.

Keating Dental Lab also supplies an array of  restoration options. Some of these include thermoformed bleaching trays lab processed provisionals, to ceramics and high-noble yellow or white gold. At Keating, dental materials  are our specialty. At Keating Dental Lab, even the more difficult services are executed with precision and timeliness.


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