Greater NY Dental Meeting 2015 “Trade Show Video” |4K|

Greater NY Dental Meeting


Great, Greater, Greatest NY Dental Meeting 2015.

This year marks the 91st Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting in New York, NY where Keating Dental Lab (Digital Dental Laboratory) joins the amazing show for 2015-2016 with the latest in Digital Media Dental Marketing using 4K Ultra HD TV’s (75INCH).  This short film goes over the latest in zirconia restorations for dentists as well as multiple ways to use them.  Adding to the mix is “best in show” for dental implant crowns and implant crown technology.

Dr. Hornbrook—Cosmetic Dentistry Guru

As a bonus at the Show, Dr. David Hornbrook has made an amazing interactive short film video for the dentists, clinicians and dental office staff for this meeting. This Cinema 4K Ultra HD video includes product overviews, an amazing NY, NY welcome, and more on how and where to use some of these amazing zirconia and ceramic crowns and bridges.

Dental Implant Vs. Dental Transplant
Also in the mix is a little about the premium dentures and removable dental laboratory on site, the dental implant abutment & Implant Crown facility, and a nice wrap up by dental implant expert “Steve Tapie”.

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