Zirconia Crown Flexural Strength Test — KDZ Bruxer®

Zirconia Crown Flexural Strengt

We set up for this “Solid Zirconia Hammer Test” using a KDZ Bruxer Solid Zirconia Crown, a wedge and put it against a PFM (porcelain fused to metal crown).

Dr. Hornbrook (Clinical Director @Keating Dental Lab) grabs a porcelain fused to metal crown and a KDZ Bruxer Zirconia crown from the Dental Lab Floor to test the durability and flexural strength using a very common older method of testing. “THE HAMMER”. Besides dropping a piano from the top of the lab on it, this test really nails it down “literally”!

See why the KDZ BRUXER and its flexural strength of 1600 is the obvious choice for crown restorations compared to the PFM (100 Flexural)!

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